Cemetery Maintenance Business in 2015

Cemetery Decorations

Christmas Decorations add lots of profit to your Grave Care Business.

Start Your Grave Care Business in 2015

Though Christmas is over, Christmas grave decorations continue to adorn grave sites in cemeteries all across the United States. 2014 was a busy year for grave decorations and 2015 promises to be even busier as the custom of decorating graves increases in popularity.

Yes, we have exited the Christmas season and Christmas floral gravesite decorations will be removed in the coming weeks. However, there are a few important calendar events over the next couple months. Valentine’s Day is February 14th and it is a very popular day for family members to decorate their loved-ones’ grave sites. Easter is April 5, 2015. Easter grave site services include tombstone cleaning, spring grave site maintenance, and spring floral decorations. Mother’s Day is Sunday May 10th this year and, as you can imagine, millions of families will be paying tribute to their Mother’s by performing general grave site maintenance and placing flowers on their gravesites.

If you have ever wanted to start your own Grave Care Business but you’re worried that you missed the busy demand for Christmas decorations, right now is a great time to start your Grave Care Business so you can be prepared to offer Grave Plot Maintenance, Tombstone Cleaning, and Floral Decorations in the busy (and profitable) months ahead.

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Grave Care for Spring 2014

grave care floral decorations

Spring Grave Care includes Easter and Mother’s Day.

Grave Care Maintenance and Floral Decoration Services will be in high demand this spring. Easter and Mother’s Day

are two very busy times for Grave Care Business operators.

Trees are budding, daffodils are popping up everywhere, and grass is greening up nicely. These facts mean that spring is finally here. With spring comes a tremendously busy (and profitable) time for anyone who owns their own grave care business.

Most cemeteries suffer from neglect during the winter months. Landscaping goes unmaintained, branches from trees fall, and tombstones often build a layer of grime that needs to be washed off. Add Easter and Mother’s Day to the already long list of services that need to be performed and you can, surely, see how busy grave care will be for the next several months.

Being this busy is a good problem to have. If you price your services properly, your grave care business should be able to make a great deal of money over the next few month. Additionally, customers who contact you for spring time Grave Care businesses will often agree to hire you to perform other services through the year and grave site decorating on those special days such as Anniversaries and Birthdays.

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Christmas Grave Decorations

Grave Site Christmas Decoration

Simple Grave Site Christmas Decoration

Christmas 2011 is still a few days away.

Though it is late in the season, Grave Care Business owners have a great opportunity this week to earn a good deal of additional revenue and acquire several regular customers before the end of the year. Grave site decorations bring a festive aire to loved-ones’ cemetery plots and allow families to share the spirit of the season with those who have passed on. Grave site decorations can be small & simple or extravagent depending on the wishes of the family and the allowable regulations of the cemetery in which the decorating is being performed.

So, if you are looking to boost your income toward the end of this year, don’t neglect the last few days before Christmas.

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Grave Care Business Gives Back To Community

We are so excited that another user of our Grave Care Business Guidebook has been interviewed by their local newspaper.  The Gravesite Guardians received a very nice write-up in the Chapel Hill News.

Gravesite Guardians is the newest enterprise launched by Extraordinary Ventures, a local nonprofit that employs adults with developmental disabilities.

The Gravesite Guardians are working on cleaning grave markers in their local area.  Stephen Dougherty contacted us several months ago to inquire about our Grave Care Business package.  His enthusiasm and genuine interest in promoting his nonprofit inspired us so much that we were pleased that he chose our guidebook to help instruct his crew members in the proper methods of tombstone cleaning.

We are increasingly aware that newspapers, radio stations, and other local media outlets are interested in focusing on successful small business enterprises.  Additionally, grave care is an interesting concept and it is relatively easy to arrange an interview.  If you purchase our guidebook and need assistance in getting your grave care business mentioned locally, we will be glad to help secure a local media interview for your company.

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Mowing Cemeteries and Grave Plots

Mowing Grass in a Cemetery

Mowing Grass in a Cemetery

If you have ever thought about making money with plot maintenance and cemetery grounds maintenance, you probably know that mowing grass is a big part of performing your jobs. I got a kick out of this grave marker I came across recently in a Maine cemetery. The family name is Mower and it made me think about the importance of proper trimming and mowing techniques when you are mowing cemetery grass.

Almost anyone can buy a lawn mower and do basic grass cutting in a cemetery. However, there is good money to be made mowing cemetery grass and we urge you to take a professional approach in your cemetery grounds maintenance. Proper equipment selection, blade height adjustment, and mowing patterns go a long way to providing your cemetery customers with professionally groomed grass.

If you have ever thought about starting a business mowing grass in cemeteries, we urge you to consider purchasing our Grave Site Maintenance Business training course. This course goes into GREAT DETAIL to help you start and operate a successful Grave Site Maintenance Business.

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Start a Grave Care Maintenance Business – Autumn 2011

Grave Care Maintenance Business

Autumn in a Cemetery - Great time to start your Grave Care Maintenance business

August 2011 – This year is flying by and the summer is already winding down. As much as I want summer to last just a bit longer, Autumn is my favorite time of year. Soon, the leaves will be turning colors and falling from the trees. There will be a nip in the night time sky and the day time shadows will grow just a little bit longer.

There is another benefit to Autumn. I LOVE working in cemeteries during the months of September, October, and November when the leaves are brilliantly colored and weather allows for fun working conditions. There are plenty of jobs to do in cemeteries this time of year. Tombstone cleaning, end-of-summer maintenance, pre-winter maintenance, floral decorations, plot repair, etc.

If you have ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Maintenance business, please look at our main website. We have developed a professionally produced, comprehensive business training course teaching you how to start and operate a successful grave care business.

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Cemetery Maps: Free Advertising for your Grave Care Business

Cemetery Maps - Free Grave Care Advertising
Free Cemetery Maps – Grave Care Business Advertising

If you have ever thought about starting your own Grave Care / Grave Site Maintenance business, you have probably spent a considerable amount of time developing plans to advertise your company.

Grave care is a unique type of business where many forms of traditional advertising do not reach potential customers.  Due to the nature of grave care, business owners must rely on creatively designed marketing efforts to attract the right types of customers.
One way to advertise your grave care services to potential clients is by developing cemetery maps for the specific cemeteries where you offer your grave site maintenance services.  After you develop the map, a carefully placed  “InfoBox”  can be used to hold the maps for visitors to the cemetery.  Even if a visitor to the cemetery already knows where their loved one is buried, they will often take a map out of the InfoBox just to check for proper placement and to see the names of other people interred within the cemetery.
To advertise your grave care services, place a small advertisement at the bottom of the map telling people about your services and directing them to your website and giving them your business telephone number.
This is just one of many ways you can market your grave care business.  Within out Grave Care Business program, we have developed a very helpful marketing handbook teaching you great techniques on how to advertising your grave care business.
If you have ever thought about starting a Grave Care / Grave Site Maintenance Business, we have developed a HUGE training course that will teach you practically everything you could want to know about starting and operating a successful business.
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How To Start A Grave Care / Grave Site Maintenance Business

Grave Care Customer Causing Problems? – We can work it out.

Grave Care / Grave Maintenance customer causing you problems?

As hard as you may try to please all your grave care customers, you are bound to have an occasional customer who will be dissatisfied with your services.  The way you choose to deal with complaints depends on your personality, their personality, the nature of the complaint, and both parties’ desired outcome.

In our almost 20 years of experience, we have found that the VAST majority of complaints will come from simple misunderstandings between you and your customers.  Grave care and grave site maintenance is a very personal business and your success will depend on the personal relationships you are able to build with your customers.

Unless your customer is simply determined to be dissatisfied no matter what you offer, your communication skills will help you determine the problem and find a reasonable solution.

We have developed a “Customer Care” guide book within the pages of our Grave Care / Grave Site Maintenance Course that deals specifically with finding solutions to customer problems.

Whenever I am faced with a problem customer, I like to sing this Beatles’ song to myself.  It helps me realize that there is a solution to every problem.

WOW! You have a GREAT job.

Recently, I was out mapping a cemetery.

I had my mapping GPS, a pad & pencil, and a camera.  I wasn’t really thinking much about what I was doing but I was definitely enjoying my day in a beautiful cemetery.  Looking at tombstones, enjoying quiet serenity, and working in a beautiful environment are only a few of the positive attributes I get to enjoy.

Anyway, as I was going about my work, I got a comment from someone who passed by.  “Wow, you have a GREAT job.”

I must say that the comment struck me a bit funny.  I have been running my own business since 1992 and in all those years I’ve never really thought of it as a “job.”  A JOB?  A job is something that you HAVE to go to every day.  It’s something that you don’t really look forward to.  It’s something that you dread 5 days each week.

I get to explore cemeteries, take pictures of very interesting tombstones & grave markers, and meet amazing people everyday….I can’t really say it’s a JOB.

One question I am constantly asked is “Is it difficult to start a Grave Care Business?”   While it is not tremendously difficult to get started in this business, there are many things you need to know to get started correctly.  I have always been a firm believer in having a mentor and learning from other peoples’ mistakes.  When I got my very first grave care customers, there was no one for me to learn from.  I wish I could have had a mentor in those early days.

If you are truly interested in cemeteries and gravestones, I believe Grave Care is one of the best small businesses in the world.  My team and I have spent a considerable amount of effort developing the Grave Care Business training course so you can learn how to properly start, operate, and grow your own successful Grave Care Business.  Though you will probably never think of it as work, it truly is a GREAT job.

To learn more about the Grave Care Business training course, please visit our home page.  And remember, your purchase includes free support.  We love discussing all aspects of the Grave Care Business so if you need to ask questions or seek advice, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.

For more information visit our homepage:

Grave Care Business Training Course


Cleaning Tombstones with Chlorine Bleach – Don’t Do It

Hi Everyone:

We recently returned from a trip to South Florida to study above ground cemetery design. Ahhh….what an amazing trip. If you are a cemetery lover and ever have a chance to travel to South Florida, please take the opportunity. There are many amazing cemeteries in this part of the country.

The weather was gorgeous and allowed for long days exploring cemeteries without much hindrance of rain.  I took over 700 photographs during the visit and I hope to share many of those with you in the coming weeks. We discovered many beautiful cemeteries, monuments, and epitaphs during our research trip.

There is one picture I want to share with you today. 

Cleaning tombstones with liquid chlorine bleach is not advised.

Tombstone cleaning with liquid chlorine bleach is not advised.

In this picture, tucked away behind an above ground monument, you can see a gallon jug of Clorox.  Although many people believe that a diluted solution of Clorox is okay to use as a cleaning agent, it is generally not advised for safe use of cleaning tombstones and monuments according to many tombstone preservation specialists.   Often, using improper chemicals, using chemicals improperly, and using improper cleaning methods can irreparably damage tombstones and mausoleums.  Learning proper care of tombstones and monuments takes many years under the guidance of a trained specialist.  So, please, if you are thinking about cleaning tombstone, take a significant amount of time to research proper cleaning methods before you take the chance at doing permanent damage to the stones you are trying to protect.

If you are interested in learning proper methods of doing general tombstone cleaning and starting your own Grave Care Business, you will be very interested in our Grave Care Business training course.  To learn more about the business course, please visit our home page:

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